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Legal Cost Consultancy is a dynamic team of Legal Cost Experts. We focus on the delivery of effective legal costs solutions driven by current and future cost developments through tried tested methods which involve the utilisation of the latest cost legislation and prevailing case law.

Science or a Dutch Auction.

We believe that current trends in the world of legal costs are difficult for all to keep ahead. The cost war which rages on has become a feature which most Solicitors have to overcome simply to achieve a reasonable remuneration for work properly and fairly done. The report of Lord Justice Jackson amplifies what is going on in the world of costs. No longer is it possible to achieve a settlement of legal costs on a fair and reasonable basis by negotiation alone. In an ever increasing economic squeeze, margins are cut and practitioners are forced to adopt greater efficient working practices simply to stand still. There is therefore a real need for every pitfall, challenge or eventual judgment and authority to be carefully considered so that before the tsunami of arguments arrives, practitioners are able to avoid substantial loss, something that could be a fatal to a practice with already greatly reduced margins. Partners and investment companies are no longer able to afford to invest in their business and so gone are the days of wealth within the legal profession. There is therefore a real need in cost recovery to deliver high quality legal costs solutions. This is something that Legal Cost Consultancy offers to all of its clients across the country.

As our clients will undoubtedly agree, legal costs have become a minefield and our role is to enable our clients to focus on managing their clients and their difficult caseloads without the strain of recovering the monies for work already done. Legal Cost Consultancy can then take away the hassle and stress out of secondary litigation to enable a Solicitors firm to recover their legal costs for work reasonably done.

We strive to achieve a personal and professional service for our clients and are committed to providing a robust cost recovery system. We always aim to exceed expectation with in respect to the recovery of your costs. Or in reducing costs as the case may be by application of a wealth of knowledge of the surrounding case law, procedure and cost legislation.

Our cost team has been carefully selected and all our team have undergone a rigorous training programme, managed by a leading technically minded Costs Expert. We insist on only employing individuals who show the right aptitude and flair to succeed in the costs arena. Our team is constantly updated on the latest developments in the world of costs. The team circulate news items to keep our clients aware of changes on an almost daily basis. If your own cost firm does not do this then you should ask why. Legal costs is an ever evolving and changing thing. Only the technically adept are able to understand and steer the ship in such a way to avoid it running aground.

We avoid any non scientific approach adopted by defendants to the issue of costs and recommend settlements based on factual and analytical valuation of what the case is worth before a reasonable tribunal. Adopting this attitude significantly reduces the prospects of failure and cost penalties thereafter at assessment.

We often adjust our service proposition accordingly when we are challenging the reasonableness of costs and as indicated, such challenges are often on technical issues and on substantial legal costs cases, the value at stake means that significant savings can be made for the paying party.

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service proposition

Upon receipt of instructions, we guarantee that matters will be processed smoothly through to conclusion

We aim to effectively manage your cash flow through tried and tested methodology

We are professional, pro-active and focused costs experts

We strive to conclude costs as economical as possible and in the shortest of time frames

We adopt a “partnership” approach with our Solicitors clients and are respected for our professional opinion

We ensure Legal Costs recovery is no longer regarded as a Dutch Auction which most cost firms only ever achieve

We manage/trigger Pt8 proceedings by service of a detailed Bill of Costs which proves a vehicle to recover costs in an organized, systematic process

We then have a costs expert who will assess the cases on their merits

We seek interim payments at a very early stage of our conduct of the cases