Bespoke Seminar – Senior Level

Legal Cost Consultancy offer unique conference facilities to our client’s with a specific focus on the more experienced fee earners (Litigators etc) bringing them up to speed in many areas of the cost cases which might cause losses in the conduct of a clients case. It is recognised generally that a lot of the topics are discussed in our seminars which are not covered in LPC training and as such, it is often after many years of practising law that fee earners start to become aware of many issues surrounding the recovery of costs in the conduct of their case load.

Our seminars includes topics such as the fundamental contractual obligations in retainers, to the cost awareness issues in the final stages of the life of a case which might effect the recovery of cost. For Senior Partners we cover the benefits in exit reporting and client care development which might not be monitored within cases conducted via lower grade fee earners.

Legal Cost Consultancy design any particular conference around Senior level fee earners, whilst knowing their abilities, but we believe that the informative subject matters we discuss are invaluable in terms of personal development and supervision. This has the added benefit of taking away potential negligence claims in whilst training individuals to spread the word of good file management and advanced litigation skills coupled with the appropriate level of knowledge on fringe issues to maximise costs whilst still acting in the client’s best interests. The seminar lasts approximately two hours, we generally finish off with a cost related Q & A session.

Feedback from current clients has been encouraging and has been well received. It is comforting to know that those fee earners in which have attended our seminars are now adopting most of our recommendations / advice through their exiting files in progress:

The seminar itinerary is as follows:

  • File Management.
  • File Structure and cost awareness.
  • Retainers.
  • Information gathering and MLR.
  • Claims Research.
  • Form and content of witness evidence and material.
  • Appropriate utilisation of experts and Part 35 questioning.
  • Part 18 request and pleadings.
  • Settlements and cost agreements.
  • Detailed Assessment and Dutch Auction.