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Witness Statements

Claims Assist UK (a subsidiary company of Legal Cost Consultancy) offer this service to: Insurance companies, Solicitors and any other private individuals / corporation.

We have handled numerous instructions on behalf of Solicitors in both Civil and Criminal matters. We can handle any quantity of statements needed depending on the claim itself. Our dedicated team of expert witness statement takers can carry out instructions for you in a pro-active and professional manner and within any given relevant time scale.

Our staff are trained to think outside the case and focus on the real issues. The statements we take are easily followed and are set out in such a way to make them logical and factual, whilst also being written in a non legal way and so are readily accepted as evidence in chief at any Court hearing as being the words of the witness and not their Solicitors.

We excel in drafting witness statements in cases in which fraud is alleged by adopting a systematic process of witness examination, consideration of relevant material for inclusion whilst weeding out the irrelevant. Often in fraud cases, adverse findings are made because of the lack of information within evidence in chief calling for long and often case building cross examination which should be avoided by adequate witness statements which address all the issues raised.

Part 18 Requests

Claims Assist (UK) through its parent company can offer a unique service to Solicitors in the preparation of Part 18 requests and are often instructed to provide appropriate responses to the questions raised by Insurers and their Solicitors.

Because of our experience in the costs recovery process at the end of the case, we have the ability to pre-empt the necessary replies which should be given and draft the appropriate replies based on correct information in pleadings, whilst considering the merits of each question to the claim. We do not suggest that Solicitors cannot attend to these questions but from experience lots of fee earners find it difficult to obtain instructions and so are unable to respond to the Part 18 requests made of their client’s in the appropriate time. This often leads to sanctions being imposed of even worse the loss of the claim by strike out.

If you require a witness statement or assistance with replies to Part 18 requests then please ring for a quote.

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