Rapid Accident Reports

Rapid Accident Reports

Every personal injury claim requires a high quality medical report, to facilitate the progress of claims and to evaluate the quantum of the injury or disease. In the every changing days of pre medical report offers being made by insurers, there is a greater focus on ensuring the correct medical agency and so expert is utilised. A failure to do so might have catastrophic consequences to both your business or your clients case.

We have an extensive database of medical experts in all medical specialities.

Our network of experts provide a UK-wide coverage; your Clients need only travel a short distances for their medical appointment, with minimal intrusion into their daily routines.

The experts on our nationwide panel are hand selected by us and their reports are scrutinised by us before being made available to ensure that they are fully compliant with Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules. The reports are prepared in the shortest possible times. We conduct regular quality control checks on our experts and those who no longer match our criteria are no longer made available for instruction. This could be because of a number of factors not least waiting times, reporting criteria, quality of the reports, to ability to uphold a report if called to do so.

All of our experts agree a unique payment plan, which avoids erosion of client or Solicitor funds.

Our Services Include

  • Medical Negligence Experts Breach of Duty and Quantum
  • Initial Assessment and Second Medical Opinion
  • Determination of Mental capacity
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation reports
  • General Practitioner and Orthopaedic Report
  • Neurology Report
  • Plastic surgery
  • Geriatric and Elderly Care Reports
  • Cognitive Behavioural Treatment and Reporting
  • Psychiatric Reports
  • Counselling Services
  • Rehabilitation Services

To book a medical appointment or obtain details of experts in your area for agreement please e-mail rapid-accident-reports@live.co.uk or telephone 01744 816566 or 07904 950 707